Call from the unlimited


Call from the unlimited, pulling me from the dream of sleeping...

Pulling me from the dream of sleeping

The wheel had started to turn again

Grace from the beloved is the perfume the breeze has chosen

Clear mind and vision are dispelled everywhere

My eyes can fly from there to here

Everlasting first morning, the air was born again from a clear space

As it is (always)

Stillness offers spinning spirals condensing all elements of the universe


The I (So Ham in sanskrit) remembers all without nor stopping the circle of time, no claiming it has already started

All is perfection,

When I open my hand I realized expansion has already been offered

The swallow flies within the circle manifesting the essence of an invisible mandala of precious uniqueness


It passed near my ears; I heard the wings cutting the air

My flower realizes the space had given birth to the wind, the wind to the dancing feathers of Garuda and to their sound

Eyes of vivid life

Precious one who has jump to plane above his own projections

Precious jewel shining in the wisdom for

All has already been offered

We are all continuously invited

That is all, All is That. (Hari Om Tat Sat)

Sahaj Neel

At one moment already forgotten!